Pragmatic thinking – brain training tips from Andy Hunt

Every Monday morning, the Schipul crew gets together to discuss the week ahead, the clients we love and to share new knowledge tidbits and training with each other.   This week, our training was based on a great workshop given at ETech 2009 by Andy Hunt – author of Pragmatic Thinking & Learning:   Refactor Your Wetware.

The presentation above is a VERY high level overview of Andy’s 3-hour workshop (you can find the workshop live blogged notes in their entirety on the happykatie Blog) and breaks down into the following:

  1. What is Wetware? A 2-part construct often centered around the brain and CNS being your ‘hardware’ and you neurons and brain activity being your ‘software’.
  2. Invest in your Knowledge Portfolio. What you’ve got in between your ears is really the only thing you can take with you in life and from job to job.   Take the time to invest in yourself and to be on the path towards self-improvement and helping your brain kick butt.
  3. Your brain is pretty cool with Change, you should follow suit. You are what and how you think – your brain actually physically changes and re-wires itself according to your thoughts.   Embrace change.   Aim high, go high.