Profiting from Personal Brands with Ed Schipul

Our fearless leader Ed Schipul presented at the recent PRSA Digital Impact conference in New York earlier this year on Profiting from Personal Brands.

Some highlights from his presentation:

Personal Brand management throughout the years

We’ve seen waves of change around how organizations manage their internal brands.   Early movie producers refused to even credit their stars, with concerns that they would receive too much fame and ask for more money.

The world’s first movie star, before known as ‘the Biograph girl’ and later as Florence Lawrence, made waves as the star with the first screen credit – followed by decades of branding shifts in the movie world, resulting in hyper-managed brands like Rock Hudson whose every public move (name, appearance, dating status, etc.) was strategically concocted by managers.

Who are your internal stars?   Are you giving them the room to grow and develop their talents fully?   Does your organization provide a personal brand support structure that helps both their brand and your bottom line?

Profiting from Personal Brands

We’ve been honored to experience some real bottom line impact resulting from growing our employee brands