Schipul office open Tuesday, 9/16/08 — help our Houston clients!

Opensign We are thankful to have almost an entire office full of Schipulites this morning, some still holding down homes without electricity but raring to go after Hurricane Ike!

Thank you for all of your well-wishes and your patience.  We are just getting things back up and running in the office and are focusing on our Houston-area clients in crisis right now.

If you would like to help out a strong organization in the Houston community, Catholic Charities (a non profit organization client that serves over 100,000 Houstonians) is in need of donations as they are trucking out water, food and supplies to hard-hit Hurricane Ike areas in Texas.

Learn more about Catholic Charities’ Hurricane Ike relief work here

Photo thanks to Flickr user chipgriffin – want to see how Houston is doing?

See Hurricane Ike photos here