SchipulCon schedule and robots galore!

SchipulCon robot

Holy guacamole!   We’re 8 weeks away from SchipulCon 2011 business, marketing and technology magic on October 6th and 7th – have you gotten your conference ticket yet?

There’s never been a better place to Create, Profit and Reach – come learn and play with us!

Get excited about our SchipulCon schedule!

SchipulCon schedule 2011

We’re not afraid to show you our awesome work in progress, especially as we know what a masterpiece SchipulCon is going to be!   Peruse some of our confirmed speakers and general topic areas on the SchipulCon agenda.   Check back regularly for more updates!

Robots and brains for your blog and website

SchipulCon attendee badge

No, we’re not quitting our day jobs to become zombies – but we do have some pretty awesome SchipulCon badges to share the love of our upcoming conference!

Shout your SchipulCon pride loud and clear – whether you are a speaker, sponsor or absolutely awesome attendee – we’ve got a little something for everyone.

And now for some random robot facts:

* The very first robot to appear on the silver screen was in the 1927 film Metropolis

* George Lucas’ C-3PO drew heavily from Metropolis’ Maria robot (neat!)

* Even Leonardo DaVinci had a soft spot for our robot friends

* YOU! (yes, you!) will get to play with robots too at SchipulCon!

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  1. Congratulations on arranging another conference. Best of luck and don't create the next T-1000 with all your robot experimentation.

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