tools for professional speakers (and mobile site for everyone)! recently announced some advanced tools for professional speakers!

  1. Individuals can register as professional speakers on SlideShare
  2. Conference organizers can register their conference on SlideShare

Both the speaker and conference directories have the potential to be extremely valuable resources for connecting speakers and listeners! According to, SlideShare had 1 million unique visitors in February 2009, proving it is already successfully connecting presentations to a wide audience.

If you are a professional speaker or planning a conference, we highly recommend you take advantage of these exciting tools!

Do these tools make sense for me?

  • You should register in the speaker directory if you have a presence on SlideShare (including a healthy number of quality presentations), and have spoken for at least one conference in the past (this is required in the registration form).
  • You should post your conference on SlideShare if you are willing to provide a discount (coupon or promo code) for SlideShare users. This is a great opportunity to get the word out about upcoming events in your organization!
  • You should not post your name or conference on SlideShare if you are looking for an opportunity to spam SlideShare’s database. Common sense works best here.

Mobile Site!

Also, be sure to check out SlideShare’s new mobile site,! Here’s what it looks like right now on my iPhone: