Sparklines in Tendenci Articles

Sparklines are one of my favorite additions to Tendenci. Within the "articles search" section of any Tendenci website, you will see a small line graphic that shows the up and down viewing trends of a particular article. Holding your cursor over the graphic will review an "ALT Tag" that shows the highest viewing an article has received since the article was created. (Please refer to the image on the left as an example.)

Edward R. Tufte defines sparklines as: "datawords" – data-intense, design simple, word-sized graphics.

Within a second you can tell if an article is "sporadically viewed", "a growing trend", "steadily viewed", orWaa_member_only "not viewed at all". This also helps to communicate simple interactive relationships. For example, "How much does viewership declines when an article is made member-only view?" I have included an image (click to enlarge) to help demonstrate the effects of an article that requires a "log-in".

The sparkline graphic also includes a "highest reads point (green dot)", a "lowest reads point (blue dot)" and a current position marked by the red dot. The visualization that is produced from the small graphics may help an organization better understand the growing needs of the membership and the hot topics of the day. Thanks to Jenny Qian for her work on integrating sparklines into Tendenci.