SXSWi or Bust: The Schipulites Take Austin

The Schipulites are headed to  SXSW Interactive.  Five days. Nine Schipulites. Prepare for brains to explode.

SXSWi is jam-packed with information and conversations on the latest technologies. Attendees can learn how these technologies and the way we use them change the way we behave socially, as web developers, as journalists, health practitioners, political advocates, non-profit organizations, video gamers, students and more.

By day, March 11-15, we’ll be all over the place checking out panels, keynote presentations, and workshops we’ve been dying to see. By night, we’ll be partying hard, singing karaoke, or studiously preparing for the next day’s sessions.

Follow the Schipul blog for SXSWi updates from first-timers (me!) and SX veterans.

SXSW Tips for First-Timers

After speaking with SXSWi vets, I picked up a few tips to share with you:

  • If you haven’t already, check out the schedule and start selecting the panels you’re interested in attending.
  • Keep your badge (and your ID to prove you’re 21+) You’ll need them for parties.
  • RSVP for parties. It’s pretty late in the game for this, but Schipulite Will Hilliard shared  a great list of parties from the Republic of Austin.  It’s updated regularly.
  • The SXSW smartphone app can come in handy. Download it for Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices.
  • Pack at least two changes of clothes for each day. Conference clothes by day. Party clothes by night.
  • Print a hard copy of your itinerary. You may not go to all your dream panels, but in the midst of chaos, it’s good to have a plan.
  • Carry some cash. The shuttle service is pay-as-you-go.
  • Use a buddy system. C’monson. Beer abounds, so you’ll want to travel in packs. Someone’s gonna have to remember what you did for those recaps.
  • Pack a power strip. It’s easy to make friends when they can plug into your power strip to stay connected.
  • And of course: Make Friends! (I’ve selected a few for you below 🙂 You’re welcome!)

Schipulites to Befriend (or follow) @ SXSWi

Below is the Schipulite SXSWi face book. Should you see any of these individuals, be warned:  we are nerdy, we are freakishly friendly, we can’t help talking about our clients’ events and cool things they do,  and we may be armed with cameras.

Derek Key, Schipul Business DevelopmentDavid Stagg, Schipul Creative Director Ed Schipul, CEO of Schipul- The Web Marketing Company Katrina Esco - Schipul Communications Team Lyndia Makol - Schipul Web Designer Katrina Kakoska - Schipul Project Manager Melissa Lonchambon - Schipul Project Manager Iris McAlpine - Schipul-The Web Marketing Company Michael Coppens - Schipul Business Development

Enjoy your SXSWi experience!

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  1. Great post!! I know everyone will have an amazing time. Say hi to Bill Murray for me!

  2. Hey Katrina, this is an amazing and helpful post. looking forward to all blog updates regarding sxsw.

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