Tendenci Site Focuses on Fundraising

In these recessionary times, funds can be difficult to come by for non-profit organizations. One of the latest Tendenci Web sites to launch is theFund, San Antonio's United Arts Fund. As you might expect based on its name, the primary focus of the organization is to raise money for the arts and cultural organizations in and around San Antonio. With a lot of people and businesses wondering where their next dollar will be coming from, fundraising is front and center with most non-profits and the Web can be fertile ground — if approached right. As you'll see if you click through theFund's site, we've tried to make the requests for donations visible throughout the site and we've made it as simple as possible for people to give. In terms of content, the organization has done a great job of visibly showcasing the breadth of programs they support so a visitor can quickly grasp where their money will go. It is a great example of Web-based fundraising for non-profits to model.