Thirty Days of Thanks – Open Source Software

Open Source SoftwareImagine a world where you get up in the morning and enjoy a hot shower in a  free house.  Get in a  free car to go to work. Drive through Starbucks and get a  free coffee.  Eat lunch for  free and then grab your  free dinner on the way home.

Woah! That’s a lot of  free and who doesn’t love free! This is the life of developers and companies using  open source software.  No high priced licensing fees or nickel and dimed software updates. Just plain  free.

We  love open source software. We live and breathe open source. Open source employs us and thousands of others.

Today we will thank the many individuals and companies that provide us with fantastic software products like PHP, Python, MySQL, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and  Storme!

So raise your beer (or wine) and let’s celebrate open source software!

Here are some of the fantastic open source products available to you for  free:

Open Source APIs
Facebook –
Twitter –
Delicious –
Google – maps, reader
Yahoo – maps, traffic, weather
Flickr –
Picassa –
YouTube –
Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire –

Open Source CMS, Blogs, Forums
Wordpress –
Drupal –
Plone –
Vanilla Forums –
TypePad Motion –
Joomla –
Expression Engine –

Open Source Development Languages
Python –
Python Package Index –
JQuery –
Google GO –
Java –
JavaScript –

Open Source Databases
Postgres –
SQL Lite –

Open Source Database/HTTP caching tools
Memcached –
Squid –

Open Source HTTP Daemons
Apache –
LiteHTTPd –

Open Source FTP Applications
FileZilla –
FireFTP –

Open Source Image Editing

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