09-09-09: Special Schipul Contest Time!


Who is excited? Keyboard Cat is excited!

During one of our company meetings, we watched the videos and set-up a couple of poll everywhere polls. The votes came in and the top winners are Jean-Marc from the guys team and Brienis from the girls team!

So, dear winners, be sure to contact me [blalanne (at) Schipul (dot) com) with your info and we will send them off. Please be sure to comment if you would like me to autograph the shirts. Wear your new shirt with pride! Sweet, sweet 3 Keyboard Cat Moon pride.

To everyone else: Be sure to watch these videos!

Winner of the guy’s shirt:   Video entry from Jean-Marc
Winner of the gal’s shirt: Video entry from Brienis

Oh snap! Those are some hot shirts!
Oh snap! Those are some hot shirts!

Hey, kids! We have an amazing surprise contest just for YOU!

Since Ed and part of the Schipulite crew is out at the Interactive Strategies conference knowledge sharing, some of us office dwellers thought it would be a shame to let 09-09-09 pass without incident.

If you know me (which, you so totally should) then you know that I love Threadless because of their awesome clothes, awesome staff, and awesome community involvement. You also know that I love a good internet joke like nobody’s business. Now, put the two together in the form of an online Schipul Blog contest and you get…


Oh, yes, this is happening. Right here. Right now. This totally mind-blowing shirt parodies the always amazing Keyboard Cat and the ridiculous 3 Wolf Moon shirt! And we want you to wear it with all of your nerd pride.

Staring directly at the shirt may cause blindness. And awesomeness.
Staring directly at the shirt may cause blindness.


  1. In the comments below, link us to one of the following:
    Your favorite YouTube video featuring Keyboard Cat
    – OR –
    Your favorite YouTube meme
  2. Include a comment on how hard the video you linked makes you laugh
  3. Videos MUST be safe for work viewing. We don’t dig on poor taste and vulgarities over here.
  4. Entries must be in by September 18th, 2009. Winner announced September 21st, 2009!


Make us LAUGH! We will judge each entry case-by-case.


In case you missed it, the prize is a glorious 3 Keyboard Cat Moon shirt! No more will you wonder, “what will I wear to this wedding!?” or “my cocktail dress is at the cleaners and I have nothing to wear to this art gala!” 3 Keyboard Cat Moon shirt has you covered! Literally!

One more thing… we have a girly and a manly tshirt! That’s right, one for each gender! So we will have TWO WINNERS! Male size is a large and girl size is a medium.

Now get to it! And uh, let us know if you are guy or gal. (No ninjas, please.)

27 Replies to “09-09-09: Special Schipul Contest Time!”

  1. Hilarious video if you have problems following the original freestyle rap battle (that resulted in a huge fight, btw).

    1. Ohmygoodness. Yes. There needs to be more of these. The music at the end totally makes it. I even watched the original video afterwords!

  2. Uh… I think the 3 Wolf Moon shirt is a little more awesome… com'on Cats vs. Wolves…it's not even close. I mean sure… the cat can play but, wolves…I'll wait.

    1. The topic isn't Cat vs. Wolves (though your point is quite valid) but rather a parody of internet goodness.

      Give me the 3 wolves wearing tshirts, playing keyboards, with a sweet moon background, and I think we would have something amazing.

  3. No ninjas?! That hurts…not just here…but in here. To sum up how I feel, I will leave you with this much beloved video.

    1. That video explains why stations in Canada are REQUIRED to play a certain % of Canadian artists. Would you listen to that by choice?

  4. Is there a way I can un-register just to make sure I don't win by some quirky twist of fate? I mean, I never registered in the first place, but totally want to make sure there's not some mistake that would bestow that shirt upon me. Please. Srsly.

  5. Hi, I don't know anything that is safe for work. Maybe that's why I don't have any friends.

  6. I tried four times this afternoon to access your website. Are there problems with your site hosting? Or is it my computer?

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