BARC Photo Shoot – Behind The Scenes

This Thursday and Friday, our own photo rockstar Brian Potter along with Forsythe Fotography and Hassan Nadji Films, produced a photo series for our client BARC, the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control for the City of Houston.

BARC is the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility. BARC is the only city shelter in Houston required by law to accept every animal that comes through our doors regardless of breed, temperament, health conditions, and circumstance. BARC contracted Schipul to provide marketing and branding consultation for a complete identity redesign. Over the last year, Schipul has produced a multi-media campaign titled “Find Your Spark at BARC” which includes three videos, “Pet Deposit“, “Text Messaging” and “BARC Houston: Our Story“.

We would like to get a shout out to the awesome people over at Discovery Green, The Boneyard Drinkery, and Skyline Studios for letting us their space.

Check out the full photo album on!

BARC photo shoot 1 - Schipul

BARC photo shoot 2 - Schipul

BARC photo shoot 4 - Schipul

BARC photo shoot 3 - Schipul

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