18 Replies to “Become a Schipul Facebook fan for a chance to win!”

  1. I believe J.R. is a super fan and a strong supporter of all the Shipulites.

    1. ok, seriously, commenting twice doesn't increase the odds of winning. Heh. Just kidding and thanks for everything you do for the community JR! @coffeegroundz ROCKS!

    1. Thanks Samantha – we work hard to create content that our audience values. Thanks for participating! – Ed

  2. I'm feeling TERRIFIC! Why you may ask? because I'm a Schipul Fan.

    1. Then why do you give me such a hard time Mr. Keeney? Oh wait, that's just your way of saying "I love you." … or something like that.

      But seriously – thanks for the years of support and for being a long time client Dan http://www.dpkpr.com. We are here to serve y'all and we won't forget that!

    1. Kami – It's a great problem to have. And who knows, Katie may have a few tricks up her sleeve as well. Thanks for the kind words! – Ed

  3. Definitely a fan and "brand ambassador" for Schipul. Think the folks there are smart and really see what's ahead when it comes to effective and what affects online marketing. Their dedication to getting the latest and greatest plugged into the back-end is a testament to what works. Enough @$$ kissing…but seriously – The Schipul Crew is the BOMB!

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