Guys, do you know what today is? No, it is not just Friday, July 23rd. It is COMIC-CON!

For those not in the know (even though the title of this post specifically says for nerds and geeks only), San Diego Comic-Con kicked off yesterday. SDCC is the largest and most amazing comic convention and is the dream vacation for almost every nerd in the world.

The meat of the convention actually happens during Saturday and Sunday, though today is the big film festival, portfolio review, and the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

No, I am NOT at the convention this year. I am simply too busy doing awesome things for awesome clients at the moment. However, I am keeping constant tabs on what is going on in the geek-o-sphere. For this edition of Friday Fun Post, I am providing a list of the best ways to keep track of the awesomesauce-ness of SDCC.
One of my personal favorite sources for the latest news.  Because of UGO, I heard the exciting news that there will be an Avatar sequel.   (I’m not talking about that movie with the smurfs.)

Comic Vine
One of the best sources for comic news is now one of the best sources for Comic-Con news.   They feature a feed of their Twitter accounts with real-time updates and there are forums to jump into when the news feed slows or takes a break between sessions. I am in love with them.

Looks like big boy IGN is doing a full-court press on the convention. They have their news split up so that you can find what your main interest is and go after it. This is a rad feed for anyone who is not super geeky but is interested in what is going on.

You have got to give props to GameSpot’s coverage of the gaming side of SDCC. They are doing interviews, posting trailers, and they even have a live camera feed. If you love the PS3 over the Xbox 360, then you can filter the updates based on your platform preference.

Topless Robot
Rob is the man behind Topless Robot and he has decided to blog about his adventure at SDCC in his typical snarky fashion.   For a guy running his own blog, he is actually providing more useful information than WIRED.

If you are more interested into the movie/film side of what’s taking place at Comic-Con, ScreenRant is doing an excellent job of posting news and trailers at rapid fire. Bust out the snacks and watch enough videos to waste your day.

G4 is actually filming live from SDCC, so get your fill this weekend. But, if you don’t have cable or if you won’t be in front of a television, definitely check out their online live feed of what is going on at the different panels.

If following websites is a little overwhelming, make sure you use the power of   searching Twitter.   Or, even better, follow SDCC updates on Tumblr:


My final recommendation is the one and only YouTube where screenings, trailers, previews, interviews, and everything else is up for watching:   Comic-Con on Youtube.

That’s the list of awesome I have for you kids today. Before I take off, I want to leave you all with a gift. That’s right, a breakdown/preview of the new animated amazingness of Young Justice:

(Oh, and I would like to brag that I got see “Batman: Under the Red Hood” before it’s release and yes, I will in fact be seeing an advance screening of   “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”)

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