Latest update includes batch newsletters

Hi everyone!

We posted a Tendenci update this morning that includes a major revision for the newsletters.  It now processes pending newsletters in batches.  No more real-time send.  Why is this good?  It eliminates the web based limitations of session time outs and memory allocation.

How it works:
  1. Generate the newsletter as normal
  2. After agreeing to step 5, instead of seeing the scrolling list of names the newsletter is sent to you will instead see a message saying
    "Your newsletter has been scheduled to send within 10 minutes. You will receive an email notification when it’s done. Please note that it may take several hours to complete the process depending on the size of your group."
  3. The server will check for new newsletters to send every 10 minutes – if it finds one, then it will send each email accordingly.
  4. Once the emails are sent the creator of the newsletter will receive a confirmation email indicating that everything sent successfully, who it was sent to, and a total count.
Other items to note – when searching for emails you now can more easily filter by status (/en/actions/search.asp):
  • Open – still in build and has not yet been finally submitted (has not yet agreed to step 5)
  • Submitted – agreed to step 5 and is awaiting being processes
  • In Progress – the batch process has begun but is not yet complete
  • Closed – the batch process has completed and all emails have been sent
  • Cancelled – the email was deleted (cancelled)

New help files will be added soon,  If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for there, feel free to call us at 281.497.6567 or email your regular contact.