New Calendar Event Updates give you even MORE Control!

Our programmers have been hard at work and this week we have two really awesome Calendar Events updates rolling out that will make registering for your events and then sharing your events with friends even easier! You're going to love them.

Want your users to be able to tell their friends on Facebook about your events? We've integrated Facebook Connect with Tendenci so now they can!

Untitled-6 What does this mean to you? Now, from your Tendenci driven website, your users will be able to register for one of your events and tell all of their friends on Facebook about it in one step! This means more fun for your users and more free publicity for your event. It's a win-win!

Check out this helpfile for more details on how Facebook Connect works.

Calendar events now have custom registration forms!


We're putting you in the driver's seat with this update! You'll get to decide exactly which information you wish to collect from your visitors when they register for your event and how you want to present your registration form to them.

 Some super cool features include:

  1. You'll be able to collect as much information from your visitors as you’d like using whichever input variety you prefer. This means you can use everything from text-boxes to check-boxes (plus more!) to get the information you need.
  2. You can make your registration forms prettier than ever before. You'll be able to section your forms with different lines and text headers to communicate with your visitors exactly what you want.
  3. You can easily update the order you collect information from registrants by dragging and dropping elements wherever you desire.
  4. Don't want to make everyone fill out every little thing? Make some fields required and others not, it’s completely up to you

Ever want to register friends for an event and not have all of their details? No problem! Now with our custom registration forms, you can allow your users to register anonymous so that they can register for all of their friends (and perhaps get a discount rate) without filing in everything immediately.

This last change gives your users even more freedom to bring friends to their events. Even if they don't know exactly who they want to bring, they can still get registered!