That’s A Wrap!

Oh, where did the summer go??

I feel like I just finished my new guy training and here I find myself at the end of another incredible summer at Schipul. It has been quite a productive three months, creating Tendenci overview videos, a series of training videos, taking photos for BARC, and even a commercial featuring a very tiny (and cute) Guinea Pig. I started my first internship at Schipul as Senior in High School and now three internships, (got the hat trick!) and four years later I am starting my Senior year in college. I’ll be returning to Brooklyn, NY where I am studying film at Pratt Institute.

It’s been an honor calling Schipul family over the last four years. Being surrounded by talented and fun people has become an integral part of my education and one that I am thankful for during the short time I’m here in the summer. These goodbyes sure don’t get easier I’ve learned, but I’m excited about the next phase in my life and what adventures await me.




directing a tiny pig