Update – Summary Q & A with CEO Ed Schipul Regarding Network Outages

Latest Update

Yesterday at 1pm CST Tendenci CEO Ed Schipul hosted a phone call to address questions from the Tendenci community, especially those affected by the recent network attack.

Points that were covered during the call:

• We understand how much this affects and recognize the important responsibility we have of protecting our community. We are sorry that the process of getting your website back up has taken much longer than anticipated.

• We are working to get the sites back up as soon as possible. Based on what we know today, we anticipate that it will be the end of this week and possibly into the start of next week before all sites are back up. It is in the best interests of your organization and your website users to make sure the sites pass a security scan before we bring them back online.

• Our focus is on doing everything in our power to get you back up and running, and we are putting measures in place to make sure this does not happen again.

What is worst case scenario for sites coming back up?

Knowing what we know today, we anticipate restoring websites by Friday, December 12th. That said, the worst case scenario would be that we experience additional attacks or other complications, in which case we could be further delayed until Monday, December 15th. We are doing our best to get sites back up securely this week.

Was this attack a sudden brute-force attack only performed over the past week, or was it a slow process over time with virus files on the server for an extended period?

Our investigation is still ongoing and we will share a full picture with the community on the nature of the attack when this is behind us. Once our tech team has gotten sites back up we will create a forensic report with the data we are recording on the servers. Right now they are focused on getting the sites up and in post action review can summarize what took place.

Do you foresee this outage affecting search engine rankings?

It is likely that there could be some impact on search engine performance. Most of the clients who have experienced the outage have a landing page up. This should have a neutral affect on your site’s search performance. But internal pages may be affected on search for the short-term.

How will you make this right for affected customers?

We will work hard to earn back your trust. This was a criminal attack that has created financial losses for everyone involved and we are heartbroken that many of our long-term customers have been impacted.