Schipul Thanks – A month of gratitude and life lessons

Schipul is thankful

Happy November!   We’ve passed the sugar high of Halloween and are focusing our thoughts around the more introspective (and turkey laden) Thanksgiving season.

This month each member of our team is sharing a source of inspiration in their lives – whether it’s a person, a book, a movie or a blog – that has helped guide them to where they are today.

We encourage you to chime in with your own sources of inspiration this month and check out our Thirty Days of Thanks posts from our 2010 series as well.

The biggest thanks, of course, goes out to our clients who make everyday at the office possible and exciting.   Your feedback, ideas and exciting missions keep our teams in a state of constant growth and development.

We love watching your communities connect, your businesses thrive and your events prosper – thanks for being the biggest inspiration of all!

Photo thanks to Flickr user visitamommy