27 Replies to “Top 5 Items to Equip Yourself for Conventions and Geek Affairs”

      1. She's a girl, so she has to be either Stephanie Brown or Carrie Kelly. I liked both, but overall, Stephanie Brown would be the not-good Robin.

        I've said too much.

      2. But Stephanie Brown becomes Batgirl. I cannot give Maggie the satisfaction of being a poor Robin that ends up becoming a good Batgirl. Feh.

        She can be Jason Todd. Setting it in Stone.

  1. Having spent the last weekend at a convention, I think bonus item six should be like an H1, especially if you decide to attend the 11AM video-game dance panel and then have to walk around for the rest of the day.

  2. I really really really really really like you, Brandi. That's what the post totally reminded me of. Thank you for being a comic geek nerd girl little bundle of coolness. That is all.

  3. I laughed so hard at the picture for #5. I have found my next outfit for the next lan event I attend. I will not disappoint.

  4. I’ve been running computer cabling for years, but man the prices are going up huh? I’ve been looking for some new suppliers. Any suggestions? My best new lead that I can share is a company called Deep South (read a review about them here). Any experience with them?

  5. Energy drinks are not known for their fabulous taste, but I actually do like the flavor of Monster energy drink. Red Bull and many others just taste like ugly fizz.

  6. You really know how to write my friend! 🙂 I am in college at the moment, and am planning on major in writing, so this is extremely helpful -Greg

  7. So I went to one of these in Iowa, sort of by accident. There was a celtic party band we wanted to see and they were playing at a local hotel. The hotel was filled with a motley assortment of people that I'm sure don't need description. One single observation had me puzzled though. They were all mostly drinking one thing, something homemade I gather cuz people carried and passed it around in all manner of glass jugs, growlers, and jars… On occasion I would hear someone say something about apple but I never was curious enough to ask anyone. However as the night went on, the celtic band got louder and so did the geeks and after awhile they were like any other drunken crowd, chanting and shouting along with the band… it was a good time aside from being THE oddest venue I've ever seen this band…

    Anyone know what the drink was?

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